Metal Roofing

Why Choose a Metal Roof

Our expert team specializes in delivering durable, energy-efficient, and visually stunning metal roofing solutions. Elevate your home’s protection and aesthetics with our top-tier craftsmanship and unparalleled dedication to excellence. 

Upgrade to a metal roof that combines lasting durability with timeless elegance today.

Metal Roof Benefits

Metal roofs are favored for their fire-resistant qualities, longevity, and speed of installation. The material is also surprisingly lightweight and great at reflecting heat from the sun, a characteristic that helps homeowners save energy and may even qualify for tax credits.

Shake Metal Roof

MatterhornShake Cedar x x

Metal shake shingles ingeniously replicate the natural, irregular charm of wood through chiseling and cracks. With eight elevation shifts, the authenticity is striking.

These shingles masterfully mimic weathered wood, using paint highlights to play with visual warmth and coolness. Function marries form: a chiseled channel effectively directs water, and a patent-pending clip bolsters wind resistance.

Tile Metal Roof

Matterhorn Terracotta x x

Spanish tile’s timeless allure persists in the US for its elegance and historical significance. Modern tile metal roofing captures the Mediterranean tradition, evoking the charm of clay tiles while avoiding their weight, cost, and upkeep.

This approach features a concealed roll-formed snap lock, merging function and aesthetics, and reduces weight impressively—by 600 to 800 pounds per square—compared to clay tiles.

Slate Metal Roof

MatterhornSlate Brownstone x x

Expertly fashioned from steel, slate shingles authentically replicate the charm of natural slate in a lightweight, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient form.

Our exclusive paint application, designed to mirror stone shades, skillfully recreates the appearance of naturally mottled slate. The innovation extends with patent-pending features like chiselling, varying heights, a shadow bead, irregular gates, cracks, and chiselled edges, enhancing the roofing’s unique aesthetic.

Metal Roof Details

Metal Roof FAQs

No, modern metal roofs are designed with insulation and underlayment that significantly reduce noise from rain or hail. Additionally, the attic space and insulation play a role in sound reduction.

Metal roofs do not attract lightning strikes. They are not more likely to be struck than other roofing materials. In fact, metal roofs are considered safe during lightning storms, as they are non-combustible and can help to dissipate the electrical charge.

Metal roofs have a longer lifespan compared to many other roofing materials. They can last 40-70 years or more, depending on the type of metal used and the local climate. Asphalt shingles, by comparison, typically last around 20-30 years.

Yes, metal roofs can be more energy-efficient. They reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption and helping to keep your home cooler. This can lead to lower cooling costs in hot climates. Additionally, metal roofs can be installed with insulating materials that further enhance energy efficiency.

In some cases, yes. Metal roofing can often be installed over an existing roof, which can save on labor and disposal costs. However, this depends on the condition of the existing roof and local building codes. It’s recommended to consult with a roofing professional to determine if your roof is a suitable candidate for an overlay installation.

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