Why a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are favored for their fire-resistant qualities, longevity, and speed of installation. The material is also surprisingly lightweight and great at reflecting heat from the sun, a characteristic that helps homeowners save energy and may even qualify for tax credits.

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Metal Roof Styles


Chiseling and cracks are used to mimic the organic look of real wood and include eight separate elevation changes to replicate the irregularity of real wood shakes.

Metal shake shingles are pre-weathered, aged and distressed to recreate the look of authentic wood shakes. Our paint application technique uses highlights to change the visual temperature of each panel. Optically, the warm hues advance, while the cool hues recede.

High wind and water is no match for shake metal roofing. A specialized chiseled channel is at maximum height to allow constant water movement away from the roof deck. And the high wind rating is thanks to our four point locking system secured with a patent pending concealed clip.


With its classic elegance and long history, Spanish tile remains the most popular choice in many parts of the United States.

Today, tile metal roofing embodies the same Mediterranean magnetism of traditional clay tiles without the weight, cost or maintenance.

  • A special roll-formed tongue-and-groove snap lock along each panel shows none of the fastening system
  • The design and colors of each panel have the natural colors found in clay
  • Matterhorn Tile Metal Roofing weighs 600 to 800 pounds per square less than clay tile


Authentically crafted and rendered in steel, slate shingles bring the natural beauty of slate to your home in a light-weight, fully recyclable, energy-efficient material.

With colors designed to recreate stone hues, our patented paint application replicates the look of naturally mottled slate.

  • Patent-pending chiseling
  • Copyrighted colors
  • Patent-pending varying heights
  • Patent-pending shadow bead
  • Irregular gates
  • Cracks and chiseled edges

Advantages of Metal Roofs

  • 3 styles: cedar, slate or tile
  • Performance, class 4 impact resistance, class A fire resistance,130 MPH wind rating, reflect up to 66 % of the suns rays
  • Cool roof technology
  • DDS high-performance G90 steel
  • PVDF paint technology, specifically engineered for fade resistance to last a lifetime
  • Only leak proof warranty in the industry. (covers material and labor)
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There are a variety of questions that have to be answered before making the decision of which shingle to go with. Firstly consider your budget, style of your roof, colours and desired warranty.